PolyConversions GarmentPolyConversions Inc., USA manufacturers of VR Protective Wear, introduces its PolyWear Personal Protective Disposable Gown.  Designed to replace traditional poly aprons and sleeves that are disposed of after a single use, PolyWear Gowns are a perfect economical replacement, adding greater protective coverage while reducing the “donning & doffing” time of two sleeves and one apron.

PolyWear Disposable Gowns feature full frontal coverage for splash protection, and a full-length open back design incorporating a tear-away feature for quick along with easy removal.  A contoured thumb loop secures gown sleeves under the employee’s protective glove.  One-piece construction with a single heat-sealed seam behind its sleeves reduces the potential for “pass-through” of fluids and other contaminants.

PolyWear Gowns are made of lightweight linear low polyethylene, available in three sizes: regular, large and extra large.  Two material textures are offered: smooth and embossed, and colors: light blue, opaque white, yellow, red, green & pink  are available to offer color cosing by department within an industrial facility.  PolyWear Gowns are individually folded and packaged bulk or in handy, compact dispenser boxes.

PolyCo is located at 505 Condit Drive, Rantoul, Illinois, 61866; Toll Free Tel. 888-893-3330, ext.131 – Scott Carlson, Sales Manager; Web Site: www.polycousa.com.