Disposable Gowns

PolyWear Protective Disposable Gowns are designed to replace traditional poly aprons and sleeves that are disposed of after a single use. PolyWear Gowns are a perfect economical replacement adding greater protective coverage while reducing the “donning & doffing” time of two sleeves and one apron. Made of an impervious lightweight polyethylene material, PolyWear Gowns offer superior protection against cross-contamination and feature a full-length, open-back design incorporating a tear-away feature for quick and easy removal. A contoured thumb loop secures gown sleeves under the employee’s protective glove. They are available in three sizes, two material textures, and are individually folded and wrapped for easy dispensing.

PolyConversions Inc., phone (217) 893-3330 or visit www.polycousa.com

Inspection System

New labor-saving QISS™ quality inspection systems from Gainco improve inspection-data accuracy and reduce redundant data entry steps. QISS quality inspection systems provide a paperless means for gathering inspection data of incoming, outgoing or work-in-process (WIP) product stored in combos or pallets of totes and boxes. The systems deliver significant improvements in speed and accuracy to the all-important quality inspection function at poultry-processing facilities, while at the same time reducing the labor resources required for the process. QISS quality inspection systems successfully introduce greater speed, simplicity and accountability into the quality process and procedures. Operators enter data in real-time via a touchscreen that features graphical icons and multilingual capabilities. All data is available in spreadsheet format for timely feedback to internal or external suppliers or customers.

Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703 or visit www.gainco.com


Product recalls due to contamination are a food processor’s worst nightmare, especially during these tough economic times. Wire Belt’s newest conveyor belt, CompactGrid®, is hygienically designed to protect products from deadly pathogens like Salmonella. USDA-accepted CompactGrid is made of stainless steel with a 70 percent open area to ensure there’s no place for harmful contaminants to hide. CompactGrid is specifically designed to replace heavier-balanced weave belts and hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. Wire Belt’s entire line of Flat-Flex belting products and CompactGrid are accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards.

Wire Belt Co. of America, phone (603) 644-2500 or visit www.wirebelt.com

Ashworth Bros. has completed testing its new Omni-Pro 075 to withstand 125 pounds of tension for 100,000 cycles. The Omni-Pro 075 retains the same design features that allow the belt to minimize cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in the most demanding high-tension spiral applications. The shorter pitch of the Omni-Pro 075 is ideal for small products and closer transfers. Since the introduction of the Omni-Pro 120 in 2004, Ashworth now offers the Omni-Pro protrusion-leg design on several of its belt lines expanding the offering to benefit all our customers. New weld technology has allowed Ashworth to produce cleaner and stronger welds. By eliminating traditional “bridge” welding and utilizing a patented 360-degree weld, the Omni-Pro 075 is capable of withstanding the highest loads in its class, without failure. Unlike a traditional bridge weld, the 360-degree buttonless weld is free from surface imperfections and crevices which improve hygienic characteristics by eliminating the possibility of bacteria entrapments.

Ashworth Bros. Inc., phone (800) 682-4594 or visit www.ashworth.com

QC Industries introduced its Automation Series AS40 and AS65 low-profile belt conveyors at WestPack in February. Automation Series conveyors offer high speeds with a single-piece extruded aluminum frame and feature easy belt changes, unique rotatable drives and a movable center drive designed with maximum versatility in mind. The unique Pivot™ rotatable drive technology on AS40 end-drive conveyors allows the drive to be quickly rotated in the field to almost any position to meet changing application requirements and avoid conflicts with other machinery. AS65 center-drive conveyors feature a below-belt drive that can be positioned at any point along the length of the conveyor, allowing a better fit with integrated machinery.

A simple, push-button tension release mechanism alleviates tension on the belt for fast, easy belt changes and under-belt cleaning. A gentle push reseats the tension release mechanism with proper tension and tracking retained. The conveyors use sealed, deep-groove ball bearings.

QC Industries LLC, phone (513) 753-6000 or visit www.qcindustries.com

Meat Saw

Hollymatic has launched its new Hi-Yield 16-5000 Meat Saw — the next generation of safe, eco-friendly meat-processing machines for small to medium-sized processors. The core of the Hi-Yield 16-5000 is its state-of-the-art VFD drive, which offers a dynamic set of innovative features and benefits, including quick-stop brake, stopping the blade of the machine within one second of shut-off; no-brake motor, offering maintenance-free braking; single-motor design for all voltages between 200-240 volts for single or three-phase with a 50/60HZ power supply; three-speed selector switch providing for low, medium and high-speed operation up to 5,000 BFM, highly efficient cutting of a wide variety of products at different temperatures; soft-start motor, which reaches full speed in three seconds for less wear and tear on drive components; rugged stainless-steel skin that will not pit or deteriorate over time; and an energy efficient design allowing for optimal energy consumption.

Hollymatic Inc., phone: (708) 579-3700 or visit www.hollymatic.com


New FLAVORSEAL® Sure Release™ Netting from Carroll Manufacturing & Sales (CMS) is an unsurpassed tight-weave netting with a premium release agent for superior peelability. Removal is fast and easy, leaving a smooth, visually-appealing surface on deli meats. Greatly reducing product downgrades, Sure Release Netting won’t cook into meat, so it slips right off without the surface tearing that can result in costly wasted product. During the cooking process, Sure Release Netting holds firmly for the best shaping and forming properties in the industry, helping increase uniformity and slicing yields while enhancing visual presentation. Sure Release Netting will increase throughput during the stripping process, reducing labor costs and making production more efficient. It can be treated with a wide variety of customized smokes and flavors, and its Sure Release agent blocks or prevents protein exudation through the netting, increasing cooking yields and providing a uniform smoke color and flavor.

Carroll Manufacturing & Sales, phone: (440) 937-3900 or visit www.cmsflavorseal.com

Carbon-Graphite Materials

Metallized Carbon Corp. offers its Metcar grades M-106 and M-400 resin impregnated carbon-graphite materials for mechanical parts that must run submerged in liquids. These materials replace oil-grease lubricated parts in submerged applications where oil-grease lubricants could dissolve, wash away, or contaminate the product being handled. Operating at temperatures up to 500ËšF, these materials are self-lubricating throughout, non-galling, self-polishing, dimensionally stable, and high in compressive strength. Rubbing or sliding parts made from these materials provide low friction and long wear. Additionally, these materials are chemically resistant to all liquids except for extremely strong oxidizing acids and alkalis.

Metallized Carbon Corp., phone: (914) 941-3738 or visit www.metcar.com

Equipment Redesign

WeighPack Systems has redesigned its XPdius brand of high-speed vertical form-fill-seal machine to include new features and benefits that greatly improve cleanability and serviceability of vertical bagging technology. Ideal for packaging a variety of applications including snack foods, pet food, meat, poultry, sea food, grains, powders, fresh and frozen produce, pharmaceuticals, baked goods and more, the new XPdius Elite has an open, accessible machine design that allows easy access to all operating functions. No cluster, no hard-to-reach places, no third hand necessary to assist in servicing the machine. Access all mechanics from four sides of the machine with no obstruction. Servicing has never been easier. Compare with any brand of vertical bagger and the design benefits are obvious.

WeighPack Systems Inc., phone (888) 934-4472 or visit www. www.weighpack.com

Ingredient Custom Blends

Custom blends of stabilizing and texturizing ingredients from Advanced Food Systems bind water and fats in fillings and stuffings for foods such as burritos, dumplings, egg rolls, stuffed seafood and mozzarella sticks. The newest additions to the company’s Actobind® line prevent “blowouts” during par-cooking and baking/frying, reducing waste and rework while improving the appearance and texture of the product. These systems also enable food manufacturers to control moisture and fat during different stages of cooking such as cold mixing, par-cooking and final preparation, preventing moisture migration and “greasing out.” Actobind systems can easily be incorporated into existing fillings formulations and added dry to the product without lumping. Customized ingredient systems are available for a wide variety of product types. Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support and formulation assistance.

Advanced Food Systems Inc., phone (800) 787-3067 or visit www.afsnj.com

Sanitation Solution

Zep has introduced its first EPA-approved product for destroying biofilm coatings found in food-processing area drains and plumbing. Biofilms protect and harbor Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria and many other pathogens that cause deadly illnesses, and Zep’s new Biofilm Drain Purge™ removes the biofilm and kills these resistant microorganisms in hard to reach places. The USDA has reported that 28 percent of food-processing area floors and drains tested positive for Listeria alone.

Zep Inc., phone (404) 605-8614 or visit www.zepinc.com.

Metal Detector

E-Z Tec® DSP Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFS) Metal Detectors from Eriez are excellent for detection and removal of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless metal contaminants in products prior to final packaging. Eriez’ VFS Metal Detectors, extremely sensitive instruments used to improve product purity for products processed in form, fill and seal equipment and other applications, feature a narrow cabinet design for installation in areas where vertical spacing is restricted. These units’ control circuitry allows for instant electronic recovery from phase adjustments as well as field switchable narrow zone/wide zone detection capabilities. Other features include 1,000-point phase adjustment for precise setup, quick recovery after the detection of tramp metal, self-check and calibration verification (MPC only), and 100-foot (30 m) remote electronic capability that reduces need for expensive NEMA-7 and NEMA-9 enclosures.

Eriez, phone (888) 300-3743 or visit www.eriez.com

Sodium-Reducing Technology

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has introduced ReduxSo™, a sodium-reducing technology. Bell recognizes the challenges faced by companies who would like to reduce the amount of salt used in their products, while still maintaining the same level of taste and quality. As a solution to this dilemma, Bell has developed flavor systems that mimic the sensation sodium chloride delivers, without the negative impact to health.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances, phone: (800) 323-4387 or visit www.bellff.com

Supplier news

OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC has launched its redesigned Industrial Automation Web site, www.Omron247.com, to provide visitors and customers with effective tools that shorten search and simplify information access needed to design, specify and apply Omron’s wide range of control and sensing products. The new site combines enhanced research, selection, sourcing and shopping tools tuned to deliver a satisfying experience based on input from customers and distributors. Among the functional enhancements are parameter-based selection tools, easier access to information on how to solve applications in various industries, ability to start a relationship with a local Omron distributor online, and ability to build and store a list of frequently used products. “The new site meets the needs of experienced machine designers and systems integrators as well as students and inventors working to develop new applications of automation technology,” says Michael Cotton, Web site manager for Omron.

WILD FLAVORS INC. and SUNWIN INTERNATIONAL NEUTRACEUTICALS INC. have finalized an agreement cementing a partnership to sell, market and distribute Sunwin International stevia extracts as well as formulate great-tasting, proprietary, natural sweetening blends for food and beverage products. As other ingredient companies and consumer packaged-goods firms are simply aligning supply streams of stevia, WILD Flavors says it has taken a bigger and bolder step by significantly investing in Sunwin International, one of the top worldwide suppliers of stevia. As a global leader in innovation, the company’s taste-modification technologies, flavor creation and product-development expertise allow current and potential customers to benefit from access to stevia-based sweetener blends in great-tasting products. WILD Flavors says it has aligned itself as a strategic stakeholder with Sunwin International to bring its world-class quality and production-management capabilities to Sunwin International to produce products that are of the highest purity and quality available in the industry.

In an effort to better assist clients and prospects in its product-development efforts, DAVID MICHAEL & CO. has launched its Web site to be more informative and user friendly. “We want our clients to know that this site is a resource for them,” says Steve Wilbur, vice president of marketing. “Of course, the site houses information on company history and product lines, but it is also home to the new David Michael Blog — a resource on emerging trends in the food and beverage industry.” Readers can access the David Michael Blog to learn about new trends, technologies and other subjects that are pertinent to product developers. “It’s a resource that will constantly grow and evolve,” says Wilbur. Visitors can also access event calendars, as well as details and registration information for the company’s Innovation Roadshow, David Michael de Mexico Flavor Seminar, and David Michael Europe Innovation Roadshow. In addition, forms are available on the site to contact various departments within the company, and to register to receive Fast Track Fast Trends, a free monthly newsletter.

Processor news

MAVERICK RANCH, pioneers in natural and organic meats, has announced a joint venture between its owners, the Moore family and Heritage Acres Foods. “Faced with very soft sales over the past two quarters in our higher-priced proteins and a challenging banking climate amidst the economic recession, we are forced to make immediate changes to the company which includes a layoff of staff and one plant closure,” says Charlie Moore, vice president of Maverick Ranch.

The 23-year old company says it is joining forces so that the Maverick Ranch brand is licensed to, and operated and marketed under, the Heritage Acres Foods LLC umbrella. “This licensing agreement ensures that all orders will continue to be fulfilled and allow opportunities for future growth,” says Moore. On future sales, a licensing royalty will be paid for the benefit of Maverick Ranch Associations Inc. creditors.

The Maverick brand includes Natural and Organic Beef, Natural Pork, Natural Buffalo and a complete line of Uncured Ham, Franks, Bacon and Sausage. Through this new alliance, Rex and Charlie Moore, both family founders of Maverick Ranch, say they will continue to manage and grow the brand through direct selling, brand management and marketing.