PolyConversions Inc., the USA-based manufacturer of innovative protective solutions, is proud to announce that VR™ limited use gowns and PolyWear™ disposable gowns are now available in red.

As cross contamination can pose a serious problem in a wide variety of industries, more and more companies are seeking solutions to reduce the risk of potential issues. PolyCo’s new color offering accompanies the existing options of blue, white, and yellow providing employers a wider array of choices when considering a color coding program for departmental identification of their workers. Along with contamination safety, the highly visible red color also makes for another possible solution when identifying a garment that will stand out from the production elements.

For more information on how PolyCo can aid your color coding program contact: Brandon Davis, PolyConversions Inc., (217) 893-3330 ext. 190 or email: BDavis@PolyCoUSA.com.