Hollymatic Patty PaperWell known for their meat processing equipment, Hollymatic also supplies FDA and USDA-approved patty paper and paper products to the meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, and deli industries.

The company is eager to emphasize that, unlike other paper manufacturers who use string, cardboard, tape, and sometimes plastic to package paper stacks, Hollymatic uses a patented FDA-approved paper packaging system. No contamination by non-FDA-approved strings, tape or cardboard is possible because of the way the paper is packaged. In addition, every single sheet of Hollymatic patty paper is 100% FDA and USDA compliant. According to Hollymatic, there are many companies selling paper that does not comply and that causes great food safety concerns. They urge processors and packaging companies to insist on FDA and USDA compliant papers.

For more information, please contact Hollymatic     600 E. Plainfield Road. Countryside, IL  60525;   www.hollymatic.com; 708-579-3700