Extru-Tech PreconditionerExtru-Tech Inc. didn’t take the designation lightly when it released its new Advanced Feature Aseptic Dual Preconditioner (ADP) as a replacement for its Dual Shaft Conditioning Cylinder. Technically, “aseptic” is defined as sterile, which, in turn, calls for a complete pathogen kill. To that end, Extru-Tech offers a proven scientific validation that the new ADP can sterilize the product prior to its discharge from the preconditioner, and can be cleaned/sanitized through validated SSOPs.

Moreover, studies show that the new Aseptic Dual Preconditioner offers a 2.56 coefficient of variation for greater efficiency than our competitor’s latest preconditioner designs. As a result of the ADP advanced design, the coefficient of variation improves even further as beater speeds increase.

“As formulas become more nutritionally refined through the high ratio meat inclusion and finished product quality increases, preconditioning is becoming a vital part to any production process,” says Norm Schmitt, corporate sales manager for Extru-Tech. “Fortunately, the new Aseptic Dual Preconditioner offers the best of all worlds. Customers benefit from unmatched efficiency, flexible configurations, variable retention times, total product quality control and a long list of new hygienic features.”

The new design also includes Extru-Tech’s  Advanced Venting Technology (AVT) system for steam and fines suppression from the conditioner without the need to vent to the atmosphere.

Other sanitary features include a new hygienic frame and manual clean-out valve. In the meantime, a higher-speed shaft configuration and reversible, variable-frequency drives provide greater operator control over mixing speed and conditioning efficiency. Naturally, Aseptic Dual Preconditioners are available in a variety of sizes to fit the varying applications and needs of Extru-Tech customers worldwide.

Extru-Tech Inc., headquartered in Sabetha, Kan., currently produces and markets one of the industry's most complete lines of extrusion processing systems along with a full line of ancillary equipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processes. Since 1985, Extru-Tech has installed extrusion solutions worldwide, designed for the production of feed/food for human, pet, aquatic and animal consumption.

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