Bettcher midsize Quantum TrimmersBettcher Industries, Inc. announces the introduction of new midsize models as part of its Quantum Trimmer System. These new models, which range in blade diameter from 6.65 cm to 8.85 cm (2.6 in. to 3.5 in.) expand the Quantum offering to encompass many popular defatting and muscle cutting applications.

The new models join the highly successful Quantum System product lineup, the first models of which were introduced in 2013. The Quantum Trimmer System was the result of years of research and rigorous field testing. It represents the most powerful, productive and profitable meat trimming solution ever offered to the industry. 

New Midsize Models — Big Sized Performance
The newly introduced midsize models share a common frame size and blade housing. They differ in their blade profiles (straight, hooked or flat), as well as in the use of a depth-limiting gauge to optimize certain trimming functions. 

The new models being introduced include:

  • Q750 Model for Meat Trimming and Cutting: The Q750 size and blade profile are perfect for cutting and removing muscle meats such as pork tenderloins and diaphragm lean, as well as for the removal of picnic “hearts.” The straight-blade profile is also ideal for cutting and scooping actions.
  • Q850 and Q880 Models for Improved Defatting:The Q850 size and flat blade design quickly recovers lean from fat, and is also the ideal method for defatting turkey thighs. These models also feature a built-in steeling device. The Q880 model includes a special adjustable depth gauge which optimizes both ham processing and defatting.
  • Q1850 and Q1880 Models for Fat Shaping:These models feature a highly productive fat-shaping blade engineered at a 45 degree angle, which enables the trimmers to cut through hard fat on beef and pork products like never before. They are particularly effective in achieving fat shaping to precise customer specifications on hams, beef rounds, briskets, and cube steaks. 

These new midsize models join the large and small Quantum Trimmer System models already introduced. The Q1000 models feature larger blades for applications such as defatting strips and loins, skin patching, primal fat shaping and contamination trim, while the Q620 models feature smaller angled, hooked and straight blades optimized for applications such as recovering lean meat from neckbones and other bones as well as poultry thigh and leg deboning.

Trimming Technology Redefined
The new Quantum System delivers the lowest long-term cost of operation of any meat trimming equipment, along with increased meat yields. The system was engineered “from the ground up,” making the trimmers easier and more intuitive to use. 

The system delivers higher meat yields than ever before, along with being easy and uncomplicated to use. These benefits are possible due to advances such as:

  • Quantum High-Speed Motor provides smooth, effortless operation on all trimming procedures including “challenging” cuts. With 6,500 rpms of highly responsive cutting power, the Quantum Motor runs 88% faster (or more) than alternative motors. Moreover, adaptive controls automatically increase torque under load while significantly reducing vibration. This enables operators to perform their tasks in less time and with less effort, thereby improving their productivity. 
  • Productivity-Enhancing Serrated Blades:Serrated blades are the solution for difficult operations such as trimming heavy beef and pork fat cover. Quantum serrated blades are engineered to deliver an easier, more aggressive cutting action to trim fat and meat more efficiently. Scientifically designed serrations feature recesses that help protect portions of the cutting edge and maintain blade sharpness over a longer period of time. 
  • Yield-Enhancing Depth Gauges:For some meat processing applications, the difference between profit and loss is a matter of grams. The adjustable depth gauges used on some Quantum Trimmer models guard against too much material being removed, with a variety of sizes and types of depth gauges available to help operators maximize their profits. They are also a highly effective training aid, enabling less experienced operators to become proficient in less time. 
  • Ergonomic Features:Quantum trimmers are designed for ambidextrous operation and offer a number of important ergonomic features. A micro-break hand strap allows operators to relax their fingers between work cycles while still maintaining control over the trimmer, thus reducing the risks associated with hand stress. Also, an adjustable low-profile thumb support improves operator control over the trimmer during use. 
  • No-Maintenance Driveline:The unique design of the Quantum Driveline takes the complexity and hassle out of flexshaft and casing maintenance. The design incorporates a permanently assembled, lubed-for-life flexible shaft and casing. Its integrated structure combines all components into a single unit and increases the life expectancy of the components. Cleaning and sanitation procedures are far easier, while maintenance time and hassles are practically eliminated.

Taken together, these design innovations enable the Quantum Trimmer System to overcome the persistent problems of challenging meat cutting and defatting, operator fatigue and worker dissatisfaction. Also, the Quantum System requires less operating training, has more safety features, and is much easier to maintain. 

Moreover, since the Quantum System contains fewer components than other trimmers, it reduces replacement parts costs and simplifies inventory management for meat processors.

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