Bettcher Pneumatic TrimmerBettcher Industries announces the introduction of Quantum Air Pneumatic Trimmers, delivering unmatched, profit-generating performance in air-powered meat trimming operations. These trimmers are part of Bettcher’s Quantum Trimmer System, the industry’s most advanced meat trimmers – and now available in pneumatic operation.

Quantum comfort and durability keeps tools in operators’ hands longer. Most operators won’t feel the need to sharpen or steel the trimmer blade as often, resulting in longer blade life and lower operating costs. 

New Safety and Performance Features
Quantum Air Trimmers incorporate a number of important patented design elements that enhance operator productivity, safety and comfort. 

For example, the handpiece features a new contoured handle engineered for long-life operation in addition to operator comfort, since the handle is made of a special vibration-absorbing material. 

A new low-profile, adjustable thumb support provides an always-perfect fit for the operator, ensuring better control during trimming procedures.

As an added safety benefit, Quantum Air Trimmers incorporate a two-handed starting feature to ensure that the operator’s hands are safe from danger, since the Trimmer will not operate unless the hold-to-run handle is engaged. There is also a QuickStart feature that is useful when meat trimming applications require operators to start and stop the Trimmer frequently.

Blade and Housing Improvements
Improvements to the blades and housings also make Quantum Air Trimmers markedly different from their predecessors. The high-performance 4:1 gear head delivers faster blade speeds, while the enhanced gear mesh design contributes to smoother blade operation. 

Captive hex-head housing screws provide easier, faster removal and reinstallation of the blade housing and blades. This design also makes it much easier for the operator to fine-tune the blade adjustment. 

Moreover, many Quantum Air Trimmer models are equipped with a built-in device that precisely steels the inside blade edge with the simple push of a button.

Parts Interchangeability
The interchangeability of common parts between all Quantum electric and pneumatic trimmer models allows meat processing plants maximum flexibility along with minimized inventory requirements, resulting in more cost-effective program management and cost efficiencies.

More Information
Quantum Air Pneumatic Trimmers are offered in a range of small, midsize and large models designed for varied meat processing applications. For more information call (440) 965-4422, e-mail your request to, or visit

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