Bettcher Quantum TrimmerBettcher Industries Inc. announces the introduction of the Quantum Trimmer System. This new system, the result of years of research and rigorous field testing, represents the most powerful, productive and profitable meat trimming solution ever offered to the industry. 

The new Quantum System delivers the lowest long-term cost of operation along with increased meat yields.

According to Don Esch, President, the Quantum Trimmer System has been engineered “from the ground up,” thereby making meat trimmers easier and more intuitive to use. “Not only are we introducing a system that delivers higher meat yields than ever before, we’ve engineered a system that’s easy and uncomplicated to use. It requires less operating training, it has more safety features, and it’s much easier to maintain,” Esch said.

In addition to these benefits, the Quantum System contains fewer components, thereby reducing replacement parts costs and simplifying inventory management. 

As a prime example of the design breakthroughs of the system, a “no-maintenance” Quantum Driveline takes the complexity and hassle out of flexshaft and casing maintenance. 

The Quantum Driveline features a permanently assembled, lubed-for-life flexible shaft and casing. Its integrated structure combines all components into a single unit and increases the life expectancy of the components. At the same time, cleaning and sanitation procedures are far easier while maintenance time and hassles are eliminated.

In addition, a newly engineered drive assembly engages the driveline to the trimmer handpiece. Interchangeable and reusable from driveline to driveline, the drive assembly is extremely durable, includes fewer parts, and requires nearly no maintenance.

The Quantum System also includes a newly designed motor. The Quantum High-Speed Motor is engineered to provide smooth, effortless operation – no matter what type of trimming procedure is being performed.

According to Kevin Stump, Product Marketing Manager, the adaptive controls of the Quantum High-Speed Motor automatically increase torque under load while also dramatically reducing vibration. “With 6,500 rpms of high responsive cutting power, the Quantum Motor overcomes the problems of difficult cuts, operator fatigue and worker dissatisfaction because the blade feels sharper longer in the operator’s hands,” he reported. 

“The added power and torque make cutting and trimming procedures much easier, increasing meat yields and also improving the appearance of the product,” Stump added.

Other key operating benefits of the Quantum High-Speed Motor include its “soft start” and “quick stop” rotating blade features, along with dropout protection. These enhancements provide more operator control and safety while reducing energy consumption up to 60%.

The Quantum Trimmer System is being introduced in two lines. The Q1000 line includes four trimmer models featuring larger blades for applications such as defatting hams, strips and loins, skin patching, primal fat shaping, and contamination trim.

The Q620 line includes three trimmer models featuring smaller angled, hooked and straight blades ergonomically optimized for applications such as recovering lean meat from neckbones and other bones as well as poultry thigh and leg deboning.

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