Extru-Tech Batch CoatingWith breakthrough capacities up to 40,000 pounds per hour, depending upon the formula and product, Extru-Tech Inc. is literally redefining product coating through continuous batch coating technology bringing new levels of coating accuracy, safety and volume to the market.

“When designing the Extru-Tech Batch Coating System, we started with a model that provides the versatility to match the growing range of client needs as well as a layout that meets new food safety regulations,” says Norm Schmitt, corporate sales manager for Extru-Tech. “The sanitary design includes provisions for quick, complete clean-up, which also helps minimize downtime for cleaning.”

According to Schmitt, a multi-functional time/pressure spray design from two separate nozzle banks allows for optimal liquid application uniformity across the entire batch. This also allows liquid application in a wide percentage range … including up to 12 percent fat. An exclusive fogging application design also permits evenly applied powders.

Whether the coating is applied as a liquid or powder, though, customers can be assured of extremely accurate dosing, 0.25% accuracy, for less waste of expensive coating materials and reduced label claim risks.

“One key to the dosing accuracy is Extru-Tech’s use of Gravimetric control for precise ingredient measurement,” Schmitt adds. “Through the use of our exclusive enclosed batch mixer design where the coatings are applied, our clients are experiencing best in class product coverage and higher throughput all with reduced potential for cross contamination. When combined with the system’s application precision, the system ensures exact measurement of coating materials for reduced cost and accurate product labeling.

“Equally important, our batch coating systems provide optimal integration with the Extru-Tech Vertical Coolers,” Schmitt continues, noting that being  integral/stackable with our Vertical Cooler reduces the need for yet another conveyance system, reduces the risk of cross contamination and optimizes time to clean and sanitize when utilizing CIP as both systems can be cleaned simultaneously.

Fortunately, Extru-Tech Batch Coating Technology allows petfood manufacturers to keep up with the growing demand for more accurate coating and for best in class sanitation.”

Extru-Tech Inc., headquartered in Sabetha, Kansas, currently produces and markets one of the industry's most complete lines of extrusion processing systems. Along with a full line of ancillary equipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processes. Since 1985, Extru-Tech has installed extrusion systems worldwide, designed for the production of human food, pet food, aquatic feed and animal feed products.

Extru-Tech Inc.: (785) 284-2153 or visit www.extru-techinc.com