Red Lion ControlsRed Lion Controls’ ProducTVity Station is a visual management system for monitoring real-time performance on the plant floor and beyond. Quick to deploy and simple to use, the ProducTVity Station leverages the power of Crimson 3.0 software to enable interoperability for equipment using a built-in library of over 300 industrial protocols. By connecting existing PLCs, HMIs, drives, panel meters and more, the system seamlessly collects, records and displays critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Andon messages on any TV. Production managers can easily set up and track customized KPIs, such as total count and waste ratio, to drive efficiency across the organization.

Ideal for factory environments, the ProducTVity Station turns any TV into a productivity scoreboard that helps keep the workforce on target. Productivity specialists can receive updates via SMS or email, or use built-in data logging for deep-dive data and event analysis. The ProducTVity Station even has a built-in web server for remote access.

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