Dosatron International Inc. introduces the new D8RE3000 chemical injector. The D8RE3000 allows for the smallest injection rates of any D8R series injector, making it ideal for the application of peracetic acid (PAA), quaternary ammonium, and other food sanitation chemicals that must be applied in small doses.

“We are very excited to offer the D8RE3000, as we continue to support sanitizing applications and the food processing industry,” said Dosatron Vice President Jason Maddox.

The D8RE3000 features an injection range of 1:3000 to 1:800, or 0.03% to 0.125%. The D8RE3000 is manufactured from chemical-resistant polypropylene and is the ideal solution for injecting food sanitation chemicals.

The D8RE3000 is available wherever Dosatron injectors are sold.  For more information contact Dosatron International’s world-class customer service department at 800-523-8499, or visit the Dosatron International website at