A conflict over off-site parking of refrigerated meat trucks between a JBS hog plant in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, Ky., and the residents of the neighborhood could be nearing a resolution. The company BS's recently submitted a lengthy application for a permit for a "potentially hazardous or nuisance use" at the parking lot, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The permit application contends that it is an appropriate use for the site in the mixed-use area and that granting the permit would not have an adverse effect on neighboring properties. It says measures are being taken to improve the conditions — including addition of a "sound wall" or fence beside a truck "wash out" building on the lot near Webster Street.

Residents have complained in the past about noise, heavy truck traffic, dust and diesel fumes related to the lot operation. JBS has been using the lot for more than 10 years. The city decided five years ago it was required to have a conditional use permit to continue using it.

The lot use, which is considered vital to the plant's operation, has continued as the permit paperwork and discussion process stretched out. Attorney Glenn Price, who represents JBS, calls the parking lot a "staging" area" and said "there is no way to sell the product without a staging area."

Attorney Jon Salomon, who represents the Butchertown Neighborhood association, said the association is pleased that JBS has "finally" applied for the permit. But he repeated in an email that the association regards the use of the Cabel lot as an unauthorized, "makeshift expansion" of the slaughterhouse operation.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal