Prime Equipment Group prides itself on providing more than machines to processors--we offer solutions throughout the plant, no matter what the need.

When you require anti-microbial parts washers, overhead line parts, conveyors, whole bird chillers, washers, conelines, foot unloaders or de-watering screens, Prime has an answer.

"Processors know us for our class-leading performance and yields in skinners, wing segmenters, cone line automation and more, but they also count on us for plenty of other needs throughout the plant," said Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. "Our extensive product line
reaches to every department under your roof."

Prime Equipment Group solutions include:

Parts washers --Designed for off-line operation, Prime Equipment Group Parts Washers and Parts Washer Systems are designed to ensure adequate coverage of dropped or cut parts in antimicrobial solution. The washer can be used to effectively time the product dwell time and solution coverage, and it complements other Prime machines that can be part of a complete
ntervention solution.

Box Icers--Designed to mount over your existing conveyor and automatically distributte ice across boxed product as boxes pass underneath, the BI-100 Box Icer features an infrared sensor that can notify a customer's ice auger to automatically refill the Box Icer.

Bird Scalders and Wing Cascade Scalders--Available in custom lengths and in custom configuations to meet any need, Prime scalders loosen follicles on shackled birds to improve picking efficiencies downline. Multiple lengths and passes are available.

Cones and Cone Lines--Prime Equipment Group Cone Deboning Lines are constructed of stainless steel and designed to give our customers a solid platform toward achieving superior breast deboning yields and efficiencies. They feature a sanitary modular frame design and can be built custom to suit your specific operation.

Belt Conveyors--Prime Equipment Group offers multiple types of customized conveyor systems, including flat and incline belt conveyors, rollerbed packaging conveyors, curved product transport conveyors and more, all of which can be tailored to your specific need.

Overhead Line Parts and Shackle Washers--Prime Equipment Group stocks a complete assortment of Overhead Line parts and ships orders every working day. Parts include drive units and line tensioners, idler corners and turns, track sections and elevations, chain and trolley assemblies, shackles, shackle washers and other items. Download our complete Overhead Line Catalog by clicking here.

For more information on these machine and more, call (614) 253-8590, visit or contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.