Perma-Kleen-cordse-blulnt225.jpgEricson Manufacturing is pleased to announce a revolutionary step in the fight against bacterial contamination and growth with the introduction of Perma-Kleen Anti-microbial Plugs, Connectors, Cable, Cord Drops, and Cord Sets. 

The Perma-Kleen Anti-microbial advantage brings a practical approach to controlling microbial growth by embedding anti-microbial additives directly into the polymer providing continual, long lasting protection. Inhibiting bacterial contamination is an ongoing task at any food or beverage processing facility and this can finally be achieved utilizing Ericson’s revolutionary anti-microbial product solutions.

“Ericson is excited to be leading the industry with these innovative products capable of delivering exceptional protection against microbial growth, even on hidden hard to clean surfaces,” said Jon Semancik, Ericson’s Product Manager.  “Independent testing reveals the ability of these devices to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia (E. Coli) and Staphylococcus (Staph), reducing surface bacteria by >99.98%, providing long lasting benefits to manufacturers beyond traditional cleaning methods.”

Ericson’s Perma-Kleen line is resistant to high pressure hose-down, as well as, strong cleaning agents and will continue to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi even when nicked or scraped, which causes additional anti-microbial additives to bloom to the surface. Ideal for new or existing installations, these cost effective solutions deliver unparalleled confidence and peace of mind from knowing that every possible step has been taken to protect consumers.

Perma-Kleen Anti-microbial Solutions are ideal for a wide range of food processing applications including poultry, beef, pork and seafood processing, food packaging and preparation, agricultural processing, beverage processing and health care.  “Made in the USA”, Perma-Kleen Anti-microbial Solutions follow a proud history of domestic manufacturing at Ericson where exceptional workmanship and quality, along with the highest levels of product availability, ensure unmatched customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

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