Lowering bacteria counts on a processing line requires antimicrobial intervention steps at several points -- and the Prime Pre-Scald Scrubber adds an effective cleaning step that can reduce solids in the scalder, allow lower scald temps and improve bacteria counts downline.

"A key part of an strong antimicrobial strategy is an effective intervention point as early on the line as possible," says Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. "Systematically removing contaminants and adding anti-microbials before the scalder has a multiplying benefit down-line, since you're reducing a significant contamination source that can influence counts throughout the plant."

Prime PSS-Series Bird Scrubbers are in-line cabinet-type washers that include two rotating antimicrobial brushes designed to wipe and clean chicken and turkey carcasses. Available in multiple machine lengths with varying brush aggression levels depending on the bird size and line location, PSS-Series Pre-Scald Scrubbers clean without sacrificing quality due to the scatching and tearing of other brush-type machines.

PSS-Series brushes not only remove contaminants at the microscopic level, but you can also see their effect clearly in the reduction of solids in the scalder just downline. At one installation, at George's poultry plant in Harrisonburg Virginia, the PSS-Series Bird Scrubber effectively reduced scalder solids.

"It makes sense to clean the birds early, and we could see the benefits clearly, with a 50 percent reduction in solids in the scalder," said Cliff Alt, the plant manager at George's Liberty Street facility. "You could plainly see the difference after we installed Prime's Bird Brush."

Prime Bird Brushes are also a successful intervention solution when placed after evisceration. Fitted with softer brushes to prevent damage, the EBS-Series Scrubber is placed before the Inside-Outside Bird Washer to gently wipe and rinse any contaminants present after the evisceration line.

"Bottom line, Prime Bird Brushes can help keep your lines cleaner," Gasbarro said. "If you're not running them now, you should definitely consider them as part of an upgraded approach to lowering bacteria counts."

Benefits and Features of Prime Bird Brushes:

  • Reduce contaminants before bird washer or scalder
  • Improved brush technology with antimicrobial addititive
  • Helps reduce bacteria counts
  • Reduces product damage vs. other scrubbing machines
  • Variable Brush stiffness allows wide usage inline

For more information on PSS and EBS Bird Scrubbers, contact your Prime rep today.