Looking to reduce your line labor and increase yield? Now the all-new skinner from Prime Equipment Group will skin bone-in whole legs, drums and thighs directly from the line--without a worker needed to orient product a particular way.

"Our Skinners are the clear industry leader, with more than 800 in operation worldwide, but our engineers are always looking for ways to make the best even better," says Prime President Joe Gasbarro. "The new CSK-Auto does just that--providing the skinning action customers can only get from Prime, without requiring a person to orient product before it enters the skinner."

A new offset dual-head design effectively skins bone-in dark meat automatically. Chicken parts can enter the skinner in any orientation, and the patented Prime skinning heads catch and remove skin from any position.

"The CSK-Auto is a significant step forward for Prime's well-known skinners, and it's just another example of Prime's commitment to adding value for poultry processors," Gasbarro said. "This machine can save money, streamline production and deliver the high yields that customers can only get from Prime skinners."

Features and benefits of CSK-Auto include:

  • Eliminates a line position for bone-in product, as a loader is unnecessary
  • Prime skinners offer industry-leading yields
  • Skins bone-in whole legs and thighs
  • Uses Prime’s patented bladeless pinchblock and paddlewheel
  • Impressive ROI and operational flexibility
  • Can be adjusted to remove different levels of fat to fine-tune yields

For information on the CSK-Auto, call (614) 253-8590, visit www.primeequipmentgroup.com or contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.