Are your machines doing everything they can to maximize your plant's performance?

The Prime Equipment Group CSNS-2 Chicken Neck & Shoulder Skinner can better your processing and up your stats in four distinct areas.

"Prime Equipment Group works hard to provide value-added solutions, and the CSNS-2 is a great example of that," said company President Joe Gasbarro. "The machine's main function is to remove shoulder and neck skin after the picking room, and that action brings with it several benefits.

"Removing the shoulder skin allows cone line workers to make more accurate shoulder cuts, increasing yield by up to 0.25 percent to live weight," Gasbarro said. "In addition, the CSNS-2 helps reduce pre-chill bacteria counts by removing the neck skin, where bacteria accumulates.

"Finally, for 100-percent debone plants, the machine also effectively removes the crop, which can eliminate the need for the cropper machine on evisceration lines," he says. "This provides many benefits, most importanly, improved carcass quality and increased WOG yield."

As a bonus, the machine is efficient, requiring power only to the pinchblock skinners. The indexing module gets its motive force from--and indexes with--the overhead shackle line. See the machine in action by clicking here.

Key features and benefits of the Prime CSNS-2 Shoulder & Neck Skinner:

  • For downline cone lines, the exposed breasts allow associates to make more accurate shoulder cuts--increasing breast yield by up to 0.25 percent.
  • Improves pre-chill bacteria counts by removing neck skin, where bacteria collects.
  • Removes the crop, allowing for the elimination of a dedicated cropper machine on 100-percent debone lines.
  • Improves front-half quality to deboning, with fewer broken bones.

Prime's CSNS-2 pairs well with other Prime Equipment Group labor-saving machines that increase efficiency and profits, and offer class-leading performance in every category.

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