The American Meat Science Association announces that Jim Riemann has been named the 2015 AMSA R. C. Pollock Award Winner. The R. C. Pollock Award is presented annually in honor of the first general manager of the National Live Stock and Meat Board. This award is sponsored by the AMSA Educational Foundation R. C. Pollock and Robert Bray Mentor Recognition Funds.Jim Riemann will be honored at an Awards banquet during the AMSA 68th Reciprocal Meat Conference on Tuesday, June 16, in Lincoln, NE. 

“The R.C. Pollock award represents lasting and exceptional contributions to meat science and AMSA.  Dr. Riemann's career as a teacher, researcher and industry leader will have long-lasting effects on animal protein production all over the world. He is a scientist and educator who applied his skills to address real-world issues and opportunities in the meat industry,” stated Dr. Thomas Powell, AMSA Executive Director.

Best known as Jim to most of us, Dr. Riemann has a long career in academics, industry, and government in the meat industry.  Academically, Jim was a professor at the University of Tennessee for 15 years.  During this time, Jim actively taught and mentored students while conducting research primarily on the effects of animal production systems on the eating quality or sensory aspects of meat.  Jim coached the meat judging team several years, did a lot of statewide extension work, and helped train agents and teachers to establish a statewide 4-H and FFA meat judging program.

Jim moved from academics to industry in 1992 when he joined Cargill.  He chose to make this transition at a time when Jack in the Box E. coli O157 was the top story for the industry.  Jim provided leadership to guide the research team to develop new and implement existing solutions to improve beef carcass food safety.  Jim was instrumental in testing, development, and implementation of steam pasteurization.  He also played a major role in the implementation of steam vacuums, carcass wash improvements, and implementation of the HAACP mega rule.  Jim was a true leader at a time the industry needed his skills.

Jim left Cargill to become the President of Certified Angus Beef.  In this role he became a worldwide advocate for high quality beef.  Under Jim’s leadership, CAB further developed its licensing program globally, established CAB Natural and CAB Prime brand extensions, and expanded the use of culinary and retail data to help licensees increase sales.

Jim’s retirement from CAB in 2006 was short lived as he entered into a state government role as the assistant Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Kansas.  In this role, he was responsible for the state’s meat inspection program plus eight other regulatory programs.   Jim was a part of an aggressive administration that worked diligently to improve accountability and cost management throughout the agency.  Jim was also called upon to mediate several administrative actions relative to exotic and companion animal industries.  Again demonstrating Jim’s outstanding ability to bring opposing parties to the table and mediate a workable solution.

Last November he started a new adventure working with a farm equipment manufacturing company in South Australia.  He and Nancy are traveling the mid-west and southern U.S. meeting farmers and introducing a special warranty program for the company.

Source: AMSA