Although they are visually small, contaminants such as bone or metal fragments can pose big problems for poultry processors. To ensure product safety and regulatory compliance, Anritsu offers more turn-key solutions than any other supplier in the industry for poultry processors seeking the ultimate in detection and optimal line efficiency, spanning the latest X-Ray, Checkweigher, and Metal Detection systems.

Recognizing the distinct needs of poultry companies, Anritsu has developed technologies that secure all points of detection within the processing environment. Anritsu is unique in the industry in the scope of its innovations and capabilities that help processors reduce their risk from unwanted contaminants and find other product defects or flaws.

“Today’s poultry processors face many challenges, from keeping up with demand for high volumes and speeds to complying with regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to ensuring the safety of their products, which are typically more bone-intensive than other proteins. As more product goes through a plant on a daily basis, effective detection stands between those challenges and a company’s success,” said Erik Brainard, President and CEO of Anritsu. “Having a complete advanced inspection system in place from door to door meets stringent food safety standards, reduces labor challenges and stops physical contaminants from going beyond the facility. We have developed best-in-industry poultry bone and contaminant detection in the marketplace today with the broadest spectrum of solutions, including Pipeline, Packaged, and Bulk.”

Early in the process, finding contaminants in raw materials as they arrive at the plant allows processors to remove such products before they move down the line. Down the line, Anritsu's HD X-Ray inspection systems can detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4mm diameter and to 2.0mm poultry bones. Dual X-Ray Inspection technology offers an even higher detection rate of smaller poultry bones including pulley, fan, scapula, and low-density foreign materials like stone, ceramic, glass or wire, which are harder to pick up in other systems. Anritsu’s systems also provide missing item detection, counting capabilities and overall package integrity.

From an operation standpoint, the X-Ray systems from Anritsu are user friendly, featuring easy operator interface and Auto-Learn technology that puts sensitive control in the operator’s hand. Advanced hygienic design includes tool-less belt removal for quick-easy cleanup that helps processor meet the highest regulatory compliance with minimal downtime.

Anritsu's Checkweigher solutions include more than 150 checkweighers that range from economy to washdown to high accuracy systems. Hundreds of pounds of product per minute can be weighed with accuracy of .01g depending on the application. Like its Checkweighers, Anritsu's Metal Detectors are available for small footprints and tight spaces and are accurate, robust, and easy to clean. The company’s industry-leading Dual Wave Technology offers the capability for two frequencies to operate simultaneously and independent of each other.

Anritsu continues to improve and refine its solutions for poultry processors. Its new four-step Detection360 proprietary process advances quality control through a series of phases. Those phases include a Discovery Phase to determine a processor's goals, process, packaging and end users; a Mapping Phase, where inspection technology is mapped through detailed, accurate detection estimates; an Integration Phase, in which Anritsu integrates solutions from its broad range of standard and semi-custom equipment; and a Performance Phase integrating technology with Anritsu's basic and advanced training, preventative service programs and operational equipment review. “Poultry processors can think of Detection360 as their partner,” remarked Brainard. “Information turns into insight and delivers solutions to meet each company’s unique goals and needs.”

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