NuTEC, a leading manufacturer of food forming equipment and portioning depositors, offers an accessory that is designed to make patties take on more of a hand-made or smashed appearance. This latest addition in ancillary systems for their forming machines is the PF-700 Flattener. Featuring a simple, quality engineered design, the Patty Flattening System works in conjunction with all NuTEC Forming Systems.

Puck patties are formed at a thickness of up to 1.25” and pass through the Patty Flattening System where their shapes evolve from a mechanically formed appearance into more of a natural, hand-made look. In addition to changing the appearance of the patty, the Flattener also enhances the original tenderness and juiciness of the patty during cooking. Patties can be formed with or without patty paper.

For additional information on the PF-700 Flattener or any other NuTEC equipment, contact the company at 908 Garnet Court New Lenox, IL 60451 (815)722-2800