Munters state-of-the-art Integrated Customer Air Handler (ICA) can now be equipped with RightDry technology to allow customers to select a higher efficiency dehumidifier with low-temperature reactivation sources. With the ability to integrate a desiccant dehumidifier with other air conditioning components, the ICA is an energy-efficient humidity and temperature control solution available in a variety of tailor-made configurations to meet specific customer applications.

The ICA system includes a dehumidifier and nine desiccant rotor size options, heating and cooling coils, refrigeration package and supply and return HEPA filters. With the option to incorporate RightDry technology, customers can use low temperature reactivation sources for applications that require supply air delivered at 15gr/lb (20°F dew point) or above.

ICA with RightDry enables customers to use hot water as low as 100° F or low pressure steam from a boiler or waste energy source as a regeneration source, while allowing for tight humidity control. This technology results in improved moisture removal efficiency (MRE) and yield annual operating cost savings.

“The ICA with RightDry technology offers a robust product with higher moisture removal efficiency (MRE) for applications that do not require deep drying,” said Chris Jensen, Munters product manager Americas. “It provides a greener alterative by using waste energy from another source.”

“Munters is well known in the industrial marketplace for energy efficient low dew point solutions,” said Andrew Cook, industrial segment director. “The RightDry gives us another energy efficient option, while providing our customers with the same trusted products and solutions.” 

The ICA with RightDry is available in configurations of up to 100,000 cfm, and is manufactured in Munters’ Amesbury, Mass. facility.

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