Shoe Inn automatic shoe cover dispensers and shoe covers have substantially increased efficiency and productivity, helped prevent contamination, and reduced worker’s comp injuries for years.  Now with the introduction of the Shoe Inn Automatic Shoe Cover Remover (ASCR), Shoe Inn provides its customers a complete automatic shoe cover system. 

“While most people focus more on the difficulty with putting shoe covers on, Shoe Inn has long realized that taking them off is problematic as well.  We have listened to our customers and now have solved the other half of the equation,” says Jeff Foster, Global Product Manager for the company.   

When designing the ASCR, Shoe Inn considered several things such as physical space, ability to remove all shoe cover types, and capacity.  Ultimately they came up with three models: the ASCR24, ASCR33, and ASCR55.  All models are highly efficient and effective in removing the gamut of standard disposable shoe covers that are available.

The ASCR24 is the smallest of the three models.  This 24-gallon capacity model’s form factor combines the canister and motor in one mobile unit.  It comes standard with HEPA filtration and vacuum attachments that also allow it to be used for wet/dry cleanup, making it the most versatile of the three.

The ASCR33 is a mid-size remover with a 33-gallon capacity.  It offers HEPA filtration and the canister and motor unit are separate.

The ASCR55 is the largest capacity remover available in the market at 55 gallons.  HEPA filtration is optional on this model, and like the ASCR24, it has a single unit form factor.

“Even companies that don’t use our dispensers should consider using one of our removers to make taking used shoe covers off faster, easier and safer,” Foster said.

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