Plasti-Bond's "PVC Coated Sealing Locknut" features include:

  1. Built-in gasket at the face of a locknut to provide a positive seal against water, oils, and other liquids against the hub of a connected fitting.
  2. An integral sleeve on the reverse side of the locknut is designed to fit securely over the circumference of the adjacent coated conduit.
  3. Extra thin construction which allows the sleeve to thread on only 2-1/2 threads leaving at least seven threads for complete engagement of the conduit to its connected fitting.
  4. Gasket and sleeves made of specially formulated and UL-recognized PVC materials, tested for aging-resistant compressive and tensile properties.
  5. A simple design which allows for easy installation and tightening over conduit threads at joints throughout the system. The only tools required for tightening include a strap-wrench and lube to assist the fitted sleeve over PVC-coated conduit.

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