SW Safety Solutions, Inc., the industry’s leader in providing durability, grip, protection, and comfort, announces the release of the latest advancement in workplace single-use gloves – the Powerform S8+. This most recent example of leading edge nitrile glove technology features SW’s patent pending TracTek high density grip pattern for 200% more tactile grip on wet and oily surfaces and the highest standards in user protection and durability. With TracTek and a suite of other advanced SW technologies, the Powerform’s innovative design significantly lowers business costs for employers by reducing slippage related damage and employee injury while decreasing consumables costs through increased durability and versatility.

Industrial Protection

The Powerform S8+ is the latest development by SW to raise quality and performance standards in the single-use work glove market. The Powerform S8+ is designed for use in such applications as manufacturing, food processing, and chemical engineering. For these and other industrial applications, productivity and worker safety are paramount, and while all single-use gloves on the market meet relevant standards and regulations, the Powerform stands apart by going above and beyond basic requirements, maximizing employer savings and worker efficiency. The product offers improved safety and chemical protection due to its longer cuff and an irritant-free manufacturing process for longer wear times, which lower workers’ compensation costs and employee medical time off. State-of-the-art TracTek grip design lowers workplace accident frequency, thereby reducing employee injury and product damage.

Advanced Grip

SW’s patent pending TracTek grip technology is the result of extensive research into exactly how a gloved hand interacts with slippery surfaces. The result is a breakthrough Computer Aided Design (CAD) engineered traction pattern that prioritizes fluid evacuation while sustaining the greatest surface to surface contact area. To do so, TracTek employs an embossed micro-pyramid grip pattern to maximize points of contact without sacrificing durability and to maintain multi-directional flow channels to expel liquid in wet and oily conditions. A unique, “full pattern” design covers the entire glove from the wrist up, ensuring the wearer has reliable grip performance where it is needed most.

Trusted Resilience

The Powerform S8+ is designed with SW’s Color-Q construction – two layers of advanced polymer in contrasting exterior and interior colors, boosting glove durability to ANSI level 2 puncture resistance and making potential glove damage and breaches immediately visually detectable. Additional technologies loaded into the Powerform include MilTek, a production method that provides unmatched consistency in thicknesses from the fingertips to the cuff and TouchTek manufacturing that minimizes chemicals and contaminates that can irritate the skin or have a negative effect on materials being handled. The Powerform’s features – TracTek grip, stronger design, and greater protection – translate to better workplace safety compliance, lower regulatory costs for employers, and a lower risk of sensitive material contamination.

SW Safety Solutions is dedicated to continuing as the innovation leader in hand protection, a market that is notably slow to innovate of its own accord. This relentless pursuit of technologies designed to better protect the worker, improve productivity and decrease PPE costs for businesses is a part of the core philosophy of SW. Whereas competitors may often pursue ever lower costs in exchange for potential limitations on quality and performance, SW believes in the value of investing in the future of gloves and hand protection.

“We’ve seen the way the single-use glove market is trending – lowering product prices, potentially at the expense of product quality or reliability,” said Thomas Draskovics, Chief Marketing Officer at SW. “We stand behind our decision to invest in quality for the benefit of our customers. We believe in creating the best possible product with the best return on investment for employers and the best health and safety for employees.”

The Powerform S8+ joins SW Safety Solutions’ catalogue of high quality single-use work gloves for use in any application where safety, hygiene, and total cost of business are priorities, such as laboratory science and testing, chemical engineering, machining manufacturing, food processing, and supply chain operations, among others.

For more information, visit www.swsafety.com.