Easy to use, easy to change, easy to control. These are all attributes of Hollymatic’s new 8/65 E Roto-Flow Portioning Machine with PLC control. The new operator touch screen allows quick change of variable speed from 30 to 70 cycles per minute, giving it the versatility to control product as it goes through the machine. It’s easy to change the patty stack count and conveyor travel during operation. It’s also easy to control the mold plate cycle to facilitate hard to form products and easy to change timing of patty filling for hard to portion products.

State-of-the-art PLC-controlled electronics on Hollymatic’s 8/65 E provide easy diagnostics and trouble-shooting while optimizing energy use. This Portioning Machine also features Hollymatic’s exclusive Roto-Flow Fill System that ensures gentle handling and product forming. This patented system forms meat columns that are gently twisted together to form the best textured patties on the market. Patties formed using the Roto-Flow System also cook faster, retain their shape, and are more tender than standard patties.

Since 1937, Hollymatic Food Formers have been producing patties for the nation and the world. From 2 oz. sliders to ½ lb. jumbo burgers to 10 oz. pub burgers, Hollymatic has a model to fulfill your needs. Visit their website for details and special gourmet burger recipes.  

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