Hollymatic Roto-Flow FormerHollymatic offers free literature on its 8/65 Patty Forming Machine with the exclusive Roto-Flow System. Designed to produce gourmet patties, the patented Roto-Flow System forms meat columns that are gently twisted together to form the best textured patties on the market. Patties formed using the Roto-Flow System also cook faster, retain their shape, and are more tender than standard patties.

Hollymatic's sales literature describes the 8/65 machine and Roto-Flow System in great detail. Additional features described include the patented side notch paper feed system, hopper and feed auger, mold plates, and options for the 8/65 Patty Former. The 8/65 is now available with Variable Speed and 10 oz. Portion Capability, upon request.

For a free copy, contact Hollymatic at (708) 579-3700 or for more information visit http://www.hollymatic.com/formersportioners/865-patty-machine.