The North American Meat Institute unveiled an updated version of its popular MyMeatUp app, the first-of-its-kind free mobile app aimed at helping shoppers, particularly millennials — individuals between ages 18 and 35 — become informed, confident purchasers of meat and poultry.  

MyMeatUp 2.0 includes a new “Where does my meat come from?” feature, which allows users to search the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) establishment database for information about where the product was produced.

“People are increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from, and that concern is transforming shopping habits and driving purchasing decisions,” said Meat Institute President and CEO Barry Carpenter. “The MyMeatUp app’s new ‘Where does my meat come from?’ feature responds to calls for increased transparency and empowers consumers to choose meat and poultry products that fit their preferences.” 

The new feature, which can be accessed from the home screen, provides an explanation about how to find establishment numbers on meat packages and includes a function that allows users to search plant numbers.  Searches can be done using full and partial numbers, or users can choose to view the complete list of establishments.  They are then directed to a page with information from USDA about the establishment.

The updated app also includes several new images and more than 160 recipes.

“The changes released in this version of the app will enhance its value with shoppers, who are already using it in large numbers to navigate the abundance of choices offered in the meat case,” Carpenter added.  “Consumers will now be better equipped to conveniently plan their meat and poultry product selections from the comfort of their home and to confidently make on-the-spot purchasing decisions when shopping in the grocery store.” 

New version preserves original app’s key features, capabilities 
Meanwhile, the app retained the popular features included in the original version, most notably the unique cuts of meat guide, which visually displays the most common retail beef, veal, pork and lamb cuts.  By selecting a specific part of an animal, consumers can view images of common retail cuts, along with corresponding explanations, creative recipe ideas and proper cooking methods.  Shoppers can also use the app’s search function to quickly find information about cuts with which they are unfamiliar.

Furthermore, people interested in learning more about claims made on meat and poultry product labels can continue to use the app’s searchable glossary of common terms.  The glossary presents definitions for “natural,” “grass-fed,” “antibiotic-free” and “no hormones added,” among others.  In addition, consumers will recognize the app’s industry topics section that addresses antibiotic use in animal agriculture, animal welfare practices, environmental concerns and nutrition facts in succinct list formats. 

“This dynamic, interactive app is a must-have resource for anyone who shops for, prepares and cooks meat and poultry products,” said Carpenter.  “The app’s in-depth content and creative recipes can help meat novices and experts alike build a weekly grocery list, select items for a last-minute dinner, or plan the menu for a special occasion.  It has never been easier to incorporate nutritious, high-quality meat and poultry products in your diet.”

The app has been downloaded more than 13,000 times and is available to both iPhone and Android users.  To download the iPhone version, click here.  The Android version is available here. For users who have already downloaded the app, the update will automatically appear in their phone’s app store. 

Source: North American Meat Institute