Offering a mixing solution to meet any requirements in the hygienic industries, Alfa Laval ALTB agitator has been upgraded to provide enhanced process efficiency and product safety. The agitator, with bottom support, can be sized for almost any application in both atmospheric and pressurized tanks, providing high flexibility in mechanical design. The bottom support offers a more economical configuration with several key benefits:


  • Lower friction, resulting in reduced wear groove and longer life-time.
  • Rotation independent: Safe operation with no risk of parts breaking.
  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG guidelines for superior product safety.
  • Temperature resistant up to 150°C: Less expansion, remaining tight at high temperature differences.
  • Improved hygienic design: Easier to install, clean, inspect and maintain. No lifting of shaft.

Energy efficient design to meet your demands
Our Alfa Laval EnSaFoil impellers, as well as our specially developed Alfa Laval EnSaFerm impellers for fermentation use, reduce energy consumption and the absorption of heat by your product. Based on extensive fluid dynamic studies, their unique shape makes them up to 400% more efficient than impellers with a standard pitch.

Besides minimizing energy loss, our impellers operate at reduced speeds without reducing pumping capacity. Compared to agitators with conventional impellers, they thereby lower agitator power consumption by up to 80%.

Agitators from Alfa Laval are designed for easy cleaning and we offer tank cleaning equipment to help you meet the stringent demands of any hygienic industry.

Configuration for use in sterile/aseptic applications is also possible. Sizing and customizing the agitator to the specific task ensures optimized power consumption and pricing.

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