Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, announced that Eagle has installed their cold foil system at the production facility of H.O.Persiehl GmbH & Co. KG, near Hamburg, Germany.

“H.O.Persiehl is one of the leading printing companies in Europe for high-quality products, and as such we also have one of the largest and most sophisticated equipment on the continent,” notes Managing Director Philipp Persiehl. “Until recently we were revered as the company with the highest application of hot foil enhancement [an estimated 80 million sheets / year]. Now we are quickly meshing our cold foil capabilities into our production portfolio and reaping the positive results.”

Respected as a specialist in packaging and finishing on a global scale, H.O.Persiehl prospers from long-standing partnerships with many leading brand producers. Each year, the company manufactures approximately 1.7 billion folding cartons and blanks, 2.5 billion labels and 30 million multipacks. As leaders dedicated to innovation and technology, they’re committed to an unwavering passion for the highest level of quality, unconditional commitment to service, and meticulous attention to detail. H.O.Persiehl has been named a top industry supplier by market leaders and associations on numerous occasions.

Cold Foil in Action
The Eagle Systems Eco-Flow brand is industry-accepted as the most cost-effective and automated system commercially available. With almost four decades experience and real-world application behind every system, Eagle Cold Foil Systems have been adopted by the world’s leading lithographic printing providers in just about every commercial printing market on the planet. Almost all types of lithographic printing press can be adapted to cold foil and realize the stunning effects achievable by overprinting on simple silver foil.

“What’s interesting was the buying process, unique to this purchase only,” added Persiehl. “We didn’t need to contact other Eagle users, nor did we even see a live demonstration. What really convinced us was Mike King’s [Eagle Systems President] incredible understanding of our needs and business, his team’s stout confidence in their own system’s productivity and reliability, and of course their positive reputation that proceeded them. Eagle’s people simply convinced us with their approach and attitude. They’re people who you just like and trust.

“Ultimately, the Eagle Systems has already proven to be easy to operate, and the company’s technical and customer support has quickly lived up to their reputation with rapid response, concise and accurate answers to technical questions. We were up and running in June, and we’re already presenting a new market face, while realizing very positive feedback from clients. The Eagle System will offer us even more options on the production floor and enable us to field a wider array of domestic and international customer demands.”

For more information about Eagle Systems products, go to www.thefoilexperts.com.