ProSpection Solutions LLC Announces Package Inspection for NEW or EXISTING Rollstock Machines.

The Prospection Solutions Rollstock Inspection System scans each package and creates an image for real time intelligent image analysis using proprietary software.  Inspection is based on four strategies: color, size, shape and location.  Foreign material or food in the seal is identified as a substandard package. A signal is sent to the reject system of your choice for immediate removal from the production line.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be applied to variable printed data for intelligent recognition of individual characters or Optical Character Verification (OCV) can be applied to verify if printed data is present or not.  All inspections have parameters that are easily customized by your personnel to meet your quality standards.

This system is easily integrated with up and downstream equipment utilizing an on-board Beckhoff PLC.  The system can be connected to a new or existing database to manage statistics for at the machine and from remote locations. Data from each production run can be analyzed for preventative maintenance upstream and process improvements.  It is available with top and/or bottom inspection, remote console, customizable reject system and/or database as needed for your application. These robust, simple to use, systems are designed and built in the USA and are cost effective to implement and maintain with 24/7 Remote Support.