ProSpection Solutions LLC Announces – Check Weigh/Vision Combo Package Inspection System. This revolutionary package inspection/weighing machine has top/bottom package inspection of header/side seals, printed variable data, package height inspection and check weighing in one footprint. It is perfect for a wide variety of foods including meat, cheese, nuts and convenience foods. Produce safe packages with less giveaway.

The PRO2300 CWI is equipped with high speed, high resolution top and bottom cameras and high intensity LED lights. It includes a Wipotec load cell that weighs each package individually +/- .5 grams at a rate of up to 150 packages per minute.  The system also measures package height and detects empty packages. It includes a dual air blow off reject station for removal of non-conforming packages based on inspection or weight. Easily integrated with upstream/downstream equipment, it has an onboard database to manage incoming and outgoing data. Both Vision Inspection and Check Weigher controls are housed in a stand-alone control center, with separate HMI’s for each system.

The entire system is designed to be IP-65 or above and is in accordance USDA wash down guidelines. These robust, simple to use systems are designed/built in the USA and are cost effective to implement and maintain with a single point of contact for 24/7 Remote Support.

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