Infrabaker International announced that HJF, a leading Korean supplier of quality foods (meat and sauces), with offices located in Incheon (and soon to be opening their new production plant in Chungcheongnam-do), has recently invested in another 6m. of Infrabaker cooking equipment.

In 2014, H.J.F. purchased their first Infrabaker (3 m cooking length) for the first large industrial scale production in Korea of fully direct grilled products. It was H.J.F.’s objective to further expand the availability of healthier and more ecological processed foods to customers in Asia using Infrabaker patented technology, which fully coincides with HJF’s moto “Health and Values to customers.”

The grilled chicken breast (available at E-mart Traders, part of the Korean franchise market) has become a product in high demand. To meet up with this demand, the new Infrabaker cooking equipment will be installed at HJF’s new state of the art production plant at the Megapolis Industrial complex, Chungju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South-Korea. The new plant (total lot space of 11.550 m2) will offer room for approx. 80 new employees.

The sale was made through Thematec Food Industry Co., Ltd, Infrabaker's agent in Korea. Production on the Infrabaker is expected to start in early Q2 2019.

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