Linde LLC, a pioneer in cryogenic food processing, now offers an advanced new approach to impingement freezing with an improved design that provides lower operating costs. The high-efficiency design incorporates a series of improvements, including an update to the atomization of liquid nitrogen at the heart of the process.

“The result for our customers will be more consistent and reliable operation over a standard shift, and usually much longer, even at high volumes,” said Erik Fihlman, Program Manager, Food Industry, Linde LLC.

The redesigned Linde impingement freezer (shown) can help improve yields and maintain product weight. It reduces dehydration losses by up to four or five times that of mechanical methods and up to two or three times that of conventional cryogenic freezers. The process can handle a wide variety of products, and is ideal for items such as marinated chicken, formed products, fish fillets and cookies.

“We believe this is the first comprehensive overhaul of the impingement process in more than a decade,” Fihlman said. “We optimized the technology – from heat transfer to exhaust – to tightly maintain temperature control, increase production rates and reduce operating costs.”

Linde impingement freezers typically require 60 percent less floor space than conventional cryogenic tunnel freezers to achieve the same production rate.

The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments and works with food processors to develop optimal solutions. For more information, contact Linde (