By the time this newsletter has posted, the Meat Industry Hall of Fame will have inducted its latest inductees. One of the members of this year’s class was Mike Satzow, former owner/operator of North Country Smokehouse, in Claremont, N.H. Along with running one of the most highly regarded processing companies in the country, Mike was one of the first people I ever met at the first trade show I ever attended. He is an exceptionally warm-hearted person, a great interview, and absolutely dedicated to quality products. There’s a reason that North Country’s bacon, hams and other cured specialties are prized across the country. North Country Smokehouse, like so many meat companies across the country, prides itself on quality over quantity and epitomizes the philosophy of so many small meat processors. I’m thrilled that he was inducted this year.

The Meat Industry Hall of Fame has recognized many of the industry’s great names from some of its leading businesses, as well as renowned academics and policy-makers. They’re deserving honorees, to be sure. One category that has been largely absent over the years is the category of small processors. MIHoF has taken steps in recent years to fix that oversight.

It started with the induction of Ed Woods of Woods Smoked Meats in the class of 2017. Located in Bowling Green, Mo., Woods Smoked Meats is renowned among the AAMP community for its award-winning products. Ed has been a friend and mentor to countless meat processors who sought out his advice, and he’s served on trade associations, both at the national and local level. His induction to the MIHoF proves you don’t have to have run a multi-million dollar corporation to be a part of this elite assembly. You can be a master of your craft and support your local community — be it a town, a state or a region — and earn the honor of being in the Hall of Fame as well.

Ed Woods and Mike Satzow richly deserve their induction into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. Hopefully, there are many more small processors to come, representing the best of yesterday and today.  

If you have someone that you believe is deserving of induction into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, please contact me at We’d love to hear your suggestions.