Robroy Industries Raceway Division, a manufacturer of electrical products including PVC-coated conduit and fittings, galvanized elbows, couplings, nipples, and the original Korns clamps, announced the launch of its new product line – Robroy Stainless. Robroy Stainless Raceway Products currently feature conduit, couplings, elbows, nipples and accessories and additional products including fittings will continue to be added to the growing line.

For over 100 years Robroy has been the industry leader in protecting electrical infrastructure in the harshest environments. “Our goal is to produce products with an imperative beyond traditional applications,” said Robroy Industries Raceway Division President Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ellis. “By working closely with customers to meet specific requirements and with a willingness to design and develop complete solutions for niche markets we have built a reputation as the marquee brand in specialized raceway products.”

A growing concern has been placed on food safety and the prevention of both corrosion and contamination. “We understand the significant risks involved which could result in fines, fees, and products recalls,” stated Robroy Industries Raceway Division President, Steve Voelzke. “When determining the proper conduit system to be used it is critical to understand the environmental conditions as well as the appropriate standards.” In order to provide peace of mind, Robroy Stainless has developed the first electrical infrastructure system designed to specifically address these concerns and minimize both corrosion and contamination.

Robroy Stainless product is UL 6A compliant and features an annealing process to label the products versus stamping or paper labels. This eliminates recesses and niches, removing opportunities for particle or water retention. In addition, this also eliminates the risk of a paper label becoming foreign matter. “Additional products and innovation will continue to launch throughout 2019. It’s a very exciting time for us at Robroy,” Voelzke said. Robroy Stainless products are currently available for purchase and can be viewed at

In addition to stainless raceway products, Robroy is also offering ROCKET RACK; a sanitary support system for conduit and process pipe. The acquisition of Rocket Rack by Robroy Industries was finalized in May. "We feel privileged and honored to become part of the Robroy Family. We wouldn't have trusted Rocket Rack to just anyone, but Robroy Industries' reputation, customer service and quality products are second to none, and we can't think of a more perfect fit for the Rocket Rack Brand,” stated Former Owner & President of Rocket Rack, Julie Meyer.

Rocket Rack’s patented slot design eliminates harborage points because there are no recessed spaces or exposed threads. Using Rocket Rack results in aligned pipe runs, which makes for a beautiful, clean and sleek installation. Due to its slot design, Rocket Rack product also eliminates risk of metal filings being introduced into a facility during installation. In addition, pipe and conduit can be placed anywhere along the slot. When re-tooling or re-configuring a plant layout, existing Rocket Rack products can be disassembled and re-installed again and again, making it a sustainable component of your installation.

Ron Meyer, Inventor and Founder of Rocket Rack added, “With the addition of Rocket Rack lineup of products, Robroy Stainless offers a complete hygienic system for sanitary installations. Every component of Robroy Stainless fits the requirements of even the strictest hygienic installation standards. After all, what could be more important than the sanitary conditions at any food/beverage, pharmaceutical or consumer-goods production facility? With their commitment to educating engineers, installers and end users, Robroy Stainless, which now includes the Rocket Rack Brand, will set the standard in Hygienic Design."

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