Single Phase Power Solutions, the world’s only manufacturer of high horsepower single phase electric motors, match their motors to a pump to provide instant productivity. Available from 30 to 100 HP these single phase pump solutions are easily installed by simply connecting to available single phase utility power – they do not require a phase converter or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The company incorporates their Belle Single-Phase Motor which uses Written-Pole technology to power standard suction end centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps, and turbine pumps in both horizontal and vertical configurations. These pump solutions are ideal for irrigation, drinking water distribution, well pumps, aquifer management, water treatment, wastewater pumping, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment and discharge, and other water and wastewater processing applications. With expertise in pump systems design and manufacture, Single Phase Power Solutions team helps determine the correct materials and style of pump to suit specific application requirements.

Available in ratings from 30 - 100 hp, Belle Motors are a far more economical alternative to powering pumps with a gen-set in areas where three-phase power is not readily available. Operating costs savings, coupled with elimination of expenses for fuel, filters, maintenance and more, allow fast payback. With much lower start-up inrush amperage, they are more “utility friendly” than using VFDs or phase converters. Belle Motors are ideal for many industrial, agricultural, mining, municipal, and oil & gas application. In addition to pumps, they are ideal for compressors, injection wells, blowers, fans, dryers, water & wastewater processing and more.

“We’ve been helping customers match pumps to motors for years, so coupling them at the factory on a skid for fast and easy installation was a logical progression,” said Single Phase Power Solutions President Drew Abbott. “These pump systems are designed together, so they take the guess-work out of selecting components. Simply connect to available single phase utility power, and set it and forget it.”

Single Phase Power Solutions manufactures the world’s only large horsepower single phase motor. Their use of patented Written-Pole technology delivers a robust and reliable solution for many agricultural, industrial, municipal, oil & gas, and emerging market applications requiring large horsepower motors. This capability frees customers from the restrictions of only having access to a single-phase power line. In addition to a full range of Belle Motors from 30 to 100 hp, Single-Phase Power Solutions also manufactures a 1-to-3 PowerSource solution that generates clean, high-quality three-phase power from a single-phase line for packaged equipment requiring a three-phase power source. For additional information visit