Saddleberk, a central Ohio based small business that raises 100 percent Berkshire pork on a family of central Ohio farms, recently completed a record breaking third quarter — and with new products like bacon and holiday hams releasing to the Columbus region Kroger meat counters — the brand has high hopes that fourth quarter 2019 will be their most successful quarter to date.

With bacon being brought to market for the first time since the brands inception in November, and spiral sliced hams releasing just in time for the holidays, the expanded product offerings are expected to increase the brands sales by 50% this quarter.

Saddleberk, founded in 2014, is committed to raising the finest eating, freshest pork you can buy. Combining the best care standards with the Berkshire pork heritage breed of pig means Saddleberk provides a product with a competitive advantage that you can taste. The brand was founded by a trio of individuals who had experience in the pork industry and believed they could do better than tough, flavorless, dry pork.

When asked about the growth the company has experienced this year, Greg Lehman, co-founder of Saddleberk, attributes much of the brand’s success to trusting his long-time friend and business partner to steer the ship. “In late 2018, after we had gone separate ways in regard to Watershed Distillery, I realized that Dave Rigo was exactly the right person to help grow Saddleberk and take this business to the next level — so I offered him the position as CEO. And it’s proven to be a solid business decision.”

With Rigo at the helm, the brand has succeeded in growing a critical relationship with Kroger as well as entering new markets through Heinen’s in Northeast Ohio and growing the brand’s wholesale restaurant business through a partnership with long time Columbus fine meat purveyor, Michael’s Meats, who has helped the brand become the pork chop of choice for Ocean Prime restaurants nationwide.

Saddleberk offers a variety of flavored sausage as well as fresh pork cuts and soon, the bacon and the holiday hams at most Columbus region Kroger meat counters. Bacon will be available in both hickory maple and sweet chipotle and the hams will be spiral sliced and available in honey glazed and sriracha honey. The brand’s sausage offerings can also be found at Heinen’s Grocery Store meat counters in Northeast Ohio. In addition, Saddleberk’s pork is distributed to restaurants via Michael’s Meats and stars in dishes at such establishments as Ocean Prime (nationwide), Watershed Kitchen + Bar, The Keep and The Guild House.

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Source: Saddleberk