Spirax Sarco, the global leader in steam system engineering and management has expanded its product line to include the new Clean Steam Generator (CSG-FB) for Food and Beverage. This new product solution is used to deliver food quality steam, specifically for direct injection processes within the food and beverage industry sector, where steam is considered as an ingredient. This exciting new release will help food and beverage manufacturers to ensure total safety for their consumers and eliminate the risks of using plant steam when in direct contact with food and beverages.

“Food and beverage manufacturers wouldn’t use low-quality ingredients in their product, so why would they use low-quality steam? Clean steam usage is regarded as the best practice for food and beverage manufacturing where steam is in contact with the product. In quality-critical processes, clean steam is the only option that can eliminate contamination. Clean steam is generated from an independent and dedicated FDA compliant generator like the Spirax Sarco Clean Steam Generator (CSG-FB) for Food and Beverage.” said Chris Glass, CSG Product Manager.

According to Glass, the Spirax Sarco Clean Steam Generator (CSG-FB) for Food and Beverage is supplied as a packaged solution ready to install and commission. This new solution satisfies applications under 3,200 lb./hr. Its compact design is equipped with an intelligent PLC with SIMS technology for easy maintenance and advanced diagnostic capability, providing an early indication of any potential operational issues. The CSG-FB has a reliable and easy-to-use interface, providing connectivity as required to local networks.

More information on Spirax Sarco’s Clean Steam Generator (CSG-FB) for Food and Beverage is available online at www.spiraxsarco.com/us.