Country Archer Provisions (formerly known as Country Archer Jerky Co.), a producer of real ingredient, grass-fed jerky and meat sticks, is “Calling All Grassholes” with the launch of the brand’s first national campaign that humorously engages viewers, and provokes them to learn more about their food and the grass-fed beef difference, a characteristic that sets the brand apart. With conventional meat snacks commonly made from processed ingredients like hydrolyzed corn protein and mechanically separated chicken, Country Archer crafts real food with clean labels you can pronounce. Launching June 21 across YouTube and other digital platforms, “Calling All Grassholes” aims to inspire a wave of snackers who are increasingly more aware of the impact their food choices have not only on themselves, but their families and the world around them.

Country Archer coined the comedic term “Grasshole” to describe people who demand more from their meat snacks – and wear it as a badge of honor. The brand sought to create an amusing rallying call that was a bit shocking and create a sense of pride for those who have higher standards for their snacks, while driving attention for the benefits of cleaner ingredients and the grass-fed beef difference.

“We firmly believe in the 100% grass-fed and-finished beef difference, and that it can play a critical role in leaving our world better for future generations versus conventional, grain-fed beef from feedlots,” said Jeff Wong, VP of Marketing at Country Archer Provisions. “Our mission has been to craft real food to craft a better world, but we wanted to make this concept more approachable by having fun with it and capturing attention for grass-fed through levity and laughter. Our hope is to provide a few seconds of comedic relief in people’s days and make them stop and say – ‘you know, I think I’m a Grasshole too’ – and that’s a good thing!”

“Calling All Grassholes” features a diverse cast going about their daily lives. From a mother and child to a young couple, a rancher, and an elderly woman, becoming a Grasshole has heightened their standards from traditional jerky with questionable ingredients, to only seeking cleaner, delicious meat snacks made with grass-fed beef. Grassholes shop and eat grass-fed, bring their own bags, and believe the world needs more Grassholes. The ads call upon all supporters to show their enthusiasm for these better-for-you options and help expose family, friends, and even complete strangers to the benefits.

The 30-second and three 15-second videos can be seen on YouTube, as well as, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter starting in June through end of August. The brand is also releasing limited-time merchandise including branded items and a custom microsite with more on how consumers can celebrate being a Grasshole.

Source: Country Archer Provisions