The UK exported USD $25.9M worth of red meat to the U.S. in the first eight months of the year, with beef making up over a quarter of the shipments.

According to the latest data from HMRC, 1,211 tons (2.7 million pounds) of beef was exported to America between January and August of this year, worth over £5 million ($6.8M) to the sector, marking a successful first year since the two-decade ban on UK beef was lifted.

During the same period, over 4,600 toss (10.1 million pounds) of pig meat was exported to the U.S., up nearly ten percent on last year, worth $19M to the pork sector.

These strong figures follow news that a fourth site in the UK, Foyle Food Group Melton Mowbray, has been listed to export beef with immediate effect to the U.S.

AHDB Senior Export Manager for the Americas Susana Morris said: “It’s very encouraging to see more than £5 million ($6.8M) worth of beef from the UK exported to the U.S. in less than a year since gaining market access. 

“America is proving to be an attractive market for our beef as the country is experiencing high domestic consumption, rising demand from international customers and stronger demand from retail and foodservice as well as lower stocks in cold storage. 

“There is also strong demand for meat in the US due in part to extra household savings, all of which presents an opportunity for us to take a larger slice of the market and grow our shipments even further.

“Pork prices in the U.S. are also high compared to a year ago due to tight supplies and a lack of market-ready pigs, tighter production schedules and strong demand has led to lower stocks in cold storage."

“This combined with the suspension of the 25 per cent tariff earlier this year has given our exporters a fantastic boost and we look forward to seeing these figures increase.”

Exports of both pork and beef have grown in other North American markets also this year. In Canada, pork shipments are up 54 per cent to 1,183 tons (2.5 million pounds), worth $7.3M. And beef shipments reached 1,341 tons (2.95 million pounds), valued at $7.1M.

Over the last six months, AHDB’s export team has hosted four events and webinars for the US and Canadian markets – reaching and connecting with 63 companies across both countries.

Susana added: “The North American markets continue to be a key focus for AHDB exports and will continue to target these important regions to create new opportunities for our exporters over the coming year.”

Red meat exporters in the UK can find out about future events by emailing 

Also, AHDB recently launched a Horizon report which looks at a UK/US Free Trade Agreement and its impact on UK agriculture.