Passover calls for bringing out the best of everything—the good crystal, the heirloom candlesticks, the polished silver. So, it makes sense that only the highest quality ingredients are worthy of your elegant seder table.

That’s why Passover is prime time to discover Prairie Street Prime, the luxury kosher experience committed to bringing the joy of cooking back to the kitchen. 

At the heart of Prairie Street Prime is its curated selection of premium kosher meat delivered directly to you nationwide. Choose superior Star-K certified cuts like USDA prime rib, brisket, tomahawk steaks, rack of lamb, veal osso Bucco, and much more. For something truly unforgettable, try its meticulously dry aged beef. Shipping is free anywhere in the U.S. and your order is packed with care and arrives at your door ready to cook or freeze. You can expect consistent quality every time.

So, what’s cooking for Passover? Recipe developer Kendra Lee Thatcher gave us a sneak preview of three spectacular entrees featured on the Prairie Street Prime YouTube channel, Prairie Street Prime Culinary Kitchen, where there’s a growing library of original culinary content. “They look impressive and taste sensational,” she says, “but I promise they’re easy to learn. In my videos, I teach recipes that make home cooks shine.”

Source: Prairie Street Prime