The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team is excited to announce its Openness Promise, dedicated to transparently communicating with its partners.

The Open Prairie Natural Meats Openness Promise is a pledge to uphold high standards of transparency. The team promises to consistently deliver a natural, quality product, share the brand’s production processes, promote animal well-being, adhere to a high standard of business, and provide a tool box of primary and secondary research on the natural category, target consumer and industry trends.

“We care about the animals that are sourced for the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand, our supplier partners, employees, customers and consumers,” says Ozlem Worpel, senior brand manager for Tyson Fresh Meats. “The Openness Promise is a further, voluntary commitment to participate in an open dialogue and remain responsive to all inquiries and requests. This promise is invaluable to us as we continue to set the standard in this growing meat category.”

Open Prairie Natural Meats is known for its “never ever” specifications to meet growing demands for wholesome, natural products.  Worpel notes, “That includes, for us, no antibiotics – ever. We also never use added hormones or growth promotants. Our pork and beef have been raised on a 100% vegetarian diet, with no animal byproducts except milk.” 

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team is committed to the production of its animals supplied from our independent ranchers and farmers from birth to processing and has established animal well-being standards that extend through the supply chain, from the independent ranchers and farmers to the harvesting facilities. Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef and Open Prairie Natural Pork are exclusively produced at facilities in Lexington, Nebraska, and Waterloo, Iowa, respectively. Each plant sorts and segregates the program to ensure quality control. These are the only two facilities that produce for the brand, which means each protein is crafted by a single workforce at each location, ensuring a consistent product. In fact, all cattle and hogs are traceable to place of birth through maintained records and/or unique identification.

The Open Prairie brand team continually invests in identifying the natural meats consumer, determining what they value, how to engage them and how to better meet their needs. The team also works with customers and shares primary and secondary research to help them strategically market the products. 

Not only is the team well equipped to share insights into the natural category, target consumer and industry trends, it is committed to building relationships with customers and ensuring their needs are met, including logistical efficiency, accurate products, and excellent customer service from a partner they can trust.

As Worpel says, “We know that transparency and communication are key to delivering consistency to our partners on all levels. The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team has already set the bar for excellence in our internal practices, and the Openness Promise is helping open the door to showcase our never ever specifications, production processes, high standard of doing business, and industry insights and data sharing.”

Source: Tyson Foods