The team behind Star Ranch Angus beef, a brand of Tyson Fresh Meats, the beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods, recently unveiled an exciting new brand look, its first in 12 years.

To help inform the new design, Tyson Fresh Meats fielded a survey with Star Ranch Angus beef’s core shoppers to select a logo and tagline that resonated with them and reflected the brand’s values. The new logo offers an updated, eye-catching look and feel, while remaining true to Star Ranch Angus beef’s core attributes: consistently juicy, flavorful, All-American Angus beef. The rebrand also features redesigned ground beef packaging, which elevates the product and adds clear callouts on the lean/fat ratio and grams of protein per serving.

“When we began the process of redesigning the Star Ranch Angus logo and packaging, we knew we needed an eye-catching design that held true to our Americana roots,” says Kent Harrison, vice president of marketing and premium programs at Tyson Fresh Meats. “Extensive research and consumer testing informed our design decisions and we are proud to reintroduce the products into stores.”

Carrying branded programs such as Star Ranch Angus beef has benefits for both retailers and consumers. Shoppers still associate branded programs with better quality, better value and more consistency, according to recent research from Tyson Fresh Meats. This is especially true with branded Angus programs: Angus beef is nearly universally recognized and is one of the most well-known options associated with high-quality beef, according to internal research conducted late last year by Tyson Fresh Meats. Star Ranch Angus beef will still be sourced from 100% American beef and will remain a USDA Choice program.

Source: Tyson Fresh Meats