Ahead of summer grilling season, Teton Waters Ranch has launched all-beef burgers that will be a summer staple for time-strapped and eco- and health-conscious consumers. From freezer to the grill, airfryer, or griddle, these Certified Humane and 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef burgers cook fast. The burgers are available directly from the brand, or in grocers across the country. 

The burgers include 100% grass-fed beef, and spices - and that's it. 

Consumers can subscribe and save 35% off on their first order, and 10% every month thereafter. The burgers are sold in six-packs, with four burgers per box (24 patties total) and retail for $74.99. The suggested retail price for in-store packs are $9.99.

Source: Teton Waters Ranch