According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of White Castle, average American eats about five burgers per month, with boomers eating the least at about three to four. While beef patties appealed to the largest number of respondents (52%), alternative options like chicken (45%) and even veggie (35%) weren’t far behind.

The research also found that:

  • Out of 2,000 "self-identified hamburger enthusiasts," 58% said they frequently ordered burgers when dining out
  • 33% cared more about the quality of the patty, whereas 26% cared more about what type of meat or plant-based ingredients it's made from
  • 52% prefer beef patties, but 45% prefer alternative options like chicken and 35% prefer veggie burgers
  • 33% would prefer to stick with a traditional burger, vs. 16% whom would rather try something new/innovative
  • 42% would prefer to order a burger exactly off the menu vs. customizing their own (23%)

“The burger today is a source of physical and emotional nourishment for so many,” said Lisa Ingram, president and CEO of White Castle. “It’s gratifying to see the continued devotion to the classic burger, as well as the growing appetite for an ever evolving landscape of specialty burgers. Further proof that when you meld beef, onion, pickle, and bun as your starting point, you never know where it might lead.”

Read the full report here.