A new webinar presentation from Provisur Technologies entitled “The Formula For The Perfect Burger” is generating a high level of interest among processors seeking to improve their systems from raw material to formed end product. Hosted by Tom Tonra, forming product manager at Provisur, the webinar uncovers the latest technologies and solutions for improving productivity, lowering the cost of ownership and elevating product quality to make the perfect burger.

The discussion is based on a recent Executive Briefing Series White Paper that integrates the superior grinding and mixing knowledge from Weiler, the bone and hard tissue removal expertise of Beehive and the leading forming insights of Formax. Tonra covers the following topics: Proper Product Preparation, Raw Material Selection, Best Practice, Pre-Grind, Mixing, Final Grind, Bone and Hard Tissue Removal, Forming Process and Value-Added Options.

“Information is essential to our industry, and the success of the webinar shows the importance of keeping everyone up to date about the technologies and methodologies employed around the world,” he said. “Our live audience asked compelling questions about what they hope to accomplish and what they can do to get their equipment working together seamlessly. The presentation shows how to get the most out of your raw materials, from selection to grinding, mixing, bone and hard tissue removal, and forming technologies for unprecedented productivity, superior texture, portion control and yields.”

The exclusive White Paper is available by phoning Tonra at (708) 479-3572 or emailing tom.tonra@provisur.com. This timely information is essential in today’s market, as demand for premium hamburgers is clearly on the rise. The White Paper covers every step of the process, from raw material to formed product, making it simple to produce everything from small mini patties to big mega burgers.

For more information contact Tom Tonra at 708-479-3572 or visit perfectburgerformula.com.