Formax Patty FormingIn recent years, industry has shifted away from producing 25-lb. individually quick-frozen (IQF) boxes of burgers to smaller trays, packages or bags of refrigerated/never-frozen case-ready burgers. A burger used to resemble a frozen, rock-hard hockey puck, but today, more than 25 feet of different fresh, refrigerated burgers are on display in the refrigerated grocery section. Premium, fresh-pack burgers have overtaken its frozen competition by consistently offering top-of-the-line, high-quality products.

Due to this market shift, Provisur Technologies Inc. has taken a fresh look at how to manufacture an extraordinary burger. Today, the challenge is to efficiently and consistently create burgers through highly automated portion control while at the same time yielding product that exhibits a home-made, random appearance. Enter the Formax HomeStyle Patty System (HPS), which manufactures formed portions with irregular, broken edges that produce a “handmade” finished appearance. HPS consists of any Formax forming machine, new or existing, and the specially designed HomeStyle Patty Conveyor, the latter of which is available for any of the Formax forming systems.

The advanced systems of Provisur Technologies and their family of proven brands are specifically designed to help processors produce those premium products their customers demand every day. The superior mixing and grinding equipment from Weiler, the unmatched bone and hard tissue removal of Beehive and the precision forming equipment from Formax combine and work together to elevate the quality of your raw materials and produce the “Perfect Burger” for your requirements.

The Tender-Form difference is also easily identified by improved cook shapes and product texture, reduced shrinkage, and more consistent internal temperatures. Like the Standard Fill, variations within Tender-Form will change the finished texture and shape. Forming systems equipped with the Tender-Form Fill System are the most versatile. These machines can run all of the different fill methods just by changing tooling.

Mold plates are custom manufactured by Formax to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Virtually any size and shape of the opening can be designed to match your very exacting expectations. Because of their very tight manufacturing tolerances, Formax mold plates deliver weight control within +/- 0.5 percent.

Let us tell you more about how to manufacture perfect burgers on a consistent basis. Fill out the form at to download Provisur’s exclusive white paper, which divulges the secrets of how to deliver a better burger through grinding, mixing, separating and forming at a lower cost of ownership.