Provisur Oven TunnelWhat’s the secret to a good burger? That’s the question that everyone from backyard home cooks to restaurant chefs to meat processors have been asking ever since the hamburger became a favorite, all-American food. The classic burger never went out of style and, in fact, is more in demand than ever with research from firms like Technomic showing that interest in both value burgers and higher-end specialty burgers has led nearly half of American consumers to report that they eat a burger at least once a week.

As more people heat up the grill or fire up the stovetop to cook burgers at home and away from home – and take advantage of convenient fully-cooked, ready to heat burgers, the quest for the perfect burger continues. There isn’t just one secret to a better burger, however, the processes of meat recovery, grinding, mixing, forming, cooking, and freezing, each make a difference in burger quality.

Provisur Technologies, which has produced hamburger-making equipment since patties first became an American food favorite in the middle of the 20th century, continues to hone its design and engineering to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest cost of ownership. From raw material to finished product, Provisur has the burger-making process covered with continual innovations and increasingly integrated solutions.

Those solutions include:

Recover More: AM2C/Beehive meat recovery/desinewing solutions from Provisur provide superior production efficiencies and maximize your return on investment. For example, the Piranha extracts bone and hard parts from your collection waste and returns up to 95 percent as clean, ground meat product – increasing ROI and giving you more saleable product.

Mixing Matters: Provisur’s line of Weiler mixers and grinders includes solutions for a variety of products and processors’ needs. The rugged Weiler OMNI V 1107 Multi-Grinder with proprietary Balanced Flow technology is built to meet grinding needs ranging from frozen blocks to fresh meat, and the new Dominator 8 Grinder was engineered to deliver the most premium texture and end product possible. The recently launched MG Dominator 8/20A Mixer/Grinder features design innovations that maximize throughput and product quality while minimizing operation costs.

In Perfect Formation: Processors can deploy state-of-the-art rotary forming technology through the new VerTex1000 and NovaMax500 machines from Formax Forming. The VerTex1000 features the industry’s largest capacity with an innovative design for superior versatility, texture, and the lowest true cost of ownership, also improving efficiency and sustainability by reducing water usage and power consumption. The NovaMax500 is the next-generation replacement for the Formax F-19 forming system, allowing for superior texture and low ownership cost.

Gauging the Right Temperature: TST systems, also under the Provisur umbrella, are used for cooking and freezing foods, including perennially popular burgers. As processors expand their offerings to include fully cooked, frozen patties, cooking and freezing innovations impart consistency without sacrificing flavor and eating quality. The TST line includes pre-dusters, dippers, coaters, breaders, fryer tunnels as well as a Super Hot Air Flow Cooker and flexible cooling and freezing systems.

Provisur Technologies Inc., with a family of proven brands, AM2C, Beehive, Cashin, Formax, multitec, TST and Weiler, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment, including meat recovery, separating, grinding, mixing, material handling, forming, slicing, coating, cooking and freezing equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork, fish and other food products.

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