As supermarket sales in the U.S. have doubled since 1992, food metal detection specialist Fortress Technology is reporting peak demand for its ultra-hygienic Pipeline Metal Detector to help facilitate a new age of high hygiene standards.

Catering to the ever-changing food landscape and new product developments (NPD), Fortress R&D has upgraded its Pipeline Metal Detector. With optimized metal detection sensitivity and high hygiene standards, this detector protects productivity whilst providing consumers with safe, uncontaminated products.

Available in standard 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-inch pipe diameters, the latest machines are engineered to detect metal in high-viscosity foods and liquids (such as meat products, gravies, syrups, and more) to eliminate contaminants in the processing line. Never compromising on the highest levels of sanitation, the Fortress Pipeline Metal Detector systems are IP69K rated to prevent bacteria from accumulating. 

Its modular design reduces the external surface area by over 60% and routed connectors inside the unit retain an exceptional degree of hygiene whilst being easy to dismantle for operatives. It also features Auto-balance which instinctively rebalances coil heads within the unit to maintain metal detection sensitivity. 

Halo Automatic Testing is a recommended add-on. Mimicking the signal disturbance within the pipeline aperture, operatives don’t have to physically pass or flush out a test sample. Making it a much cleaner, labor saving and hygienic metal detection testing solution.

Featuring sophisticated data capture and Contact Reporter software, the Fortress Pipeline Metal Detector system satisfies QA mandates, ensuring compliance with stringent North American processing requirements, including GFSI/SQF, BRC, and HACCP.

Source: Fortress Technology