DUNCAN, S.C. (Feb. 26, 2009) –- Sealed Air’s Cryovac® brand was honored with four awards, including the 2009 Flexible Packaging Highest Achievement Award, at this year’s Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) Achievement Awards.

The new Cryovac® Multi-Seal™ deli package won a Gold Award for Technical Innovation, Southern Specialties’ use of the Simple Steps® package for produce won a Gold Award for Packaging Excellence and Arthur Schuman Inc.’s use of Cryovac® Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging for cheese won a Silver Award for Packaging Excellence. The Cryovac® brand also won the 2009 Flexible Packaging Highest Achievement Award for the Simple Steps® package for produce.

The FPA award winners were announced Feb. 25 at a dinner ceremony held during the FPA’s 2009 Annual Meeting in Naples, Fla. The Cryovac® brand’s three winning packages were among the 113 flexible packaging entries in the 2009 competition and the 24 packages honored with an Achievement Award. There are four categories for entries: Printing Achievement, Technical Innovation, Packaging Excellence and Environmental & Sustainability Achievement.

“At Sealed Air, innovation starts with a commitment and succeeds with our Company’s ability to manage ideas,” said William V. Hickey, president and CEO of Sealed Air. “To be awarded one Flexible Packaging Association Achievement Award is a great honor, but four awards, including the Highest Achievement Award, is a tremendous payoff for the hard work and dedication put into each new package we develop. It demonstrates that what separates Sealed Air from the competition is our ability to tap into a global network of innovation so we are never short on ideas.”

The new Cryovac® Multi-Seal™ package can be easily and reliably opened and resealed numerous times over the life of the product. The package uses less material because it does not require a zipper or tear-notch feature. While consumers will enjoy the ease with which they can open and reseal the Cryovac® Multi-Seal™ package, processors will appreciate that they do not need to invest in new equipment, as the package runs on existing thermoforming equipment.

With the Simple Steps® package, fresh produce can be steam cooked in the microwave with less time and energy than boiling water, making it a convenient and healthy meal solution. The Cryovac® Simple Steps® line of packaging is a ground-breaking heat and serve, microwavable package with a distinctive self-venting technology that makes preparation convenient and safe. The line offers options for fresh or frozen pre-cooked entrées and meal components. The microwavable package is so versatile that an entire meal can be ready in minutes.

Cryovac® Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging for cheese uses two films to create a vacuum package which has a second skin appearance, thereby creating a unique three-dimensional package with a premium look. Darfresh® packaging features an extended shelf-life and better product consistency. Using a vacuum skin package reduces waste at the retail level, especially when compared to the traditional over-wrap, and allows for vertical display of the product.

For more information about any of the FPA-winning Cryovac® brand packages, call 1-800-845-3456 or visit www.cryovac.com.